“The Poker Room”

My First One Room Challenge!

For those who aren’t familiar, The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual event where “20 chosen designers go head-to-head in transforming one room over the course of 6 weeks” while providing updates on progress on a weekly basis. There is also an option to participate as a guest, which is what I will be doing.

I choose to participate because it sounds like a blast! As a new blogger, I also think the rules of the challenge, which include posting every week for 6 weeks, will help me create a structure, accountability, and a habit of posting weekly!

The room I chose to transform is a room I have nicknamed “The Poker Room”. It’s not hard to figure out where the nickname comes from when you look at the before photos:

While that poker green carpet is plush and comfy, it definitely has to go!

While I also despise the drop ceiling, it does serve a functional purpose; the house is a duplex and the ceiling helps reduce the sound from the tenants upstairs. My plan is to work some magic on that duck ugly ceiling by transforming it with a SUPER budget-friendly faux tin ceiling. More on that in the weeks to come 😉

In case you didn’t catch it, that dark wood on the right side of the photo above is a POCKET DOOR. You guys…both the upstairs and downstairs units have one and they are BEAUTIFUL, well-made, masterpieces! They simply do not make homes with character like this anymore!

The Poker Room is a small room coming in right around 100 square feet. While the previous tenants used it as a bedroom, I’ll be transforming the space into Duck Ugly headquarters! I do the majority of my (non-Duck Ugly) full-time work remotely and am in desperate need of a home office for that and, of course, my Duck Ugly work!

My plan includes:

  • Updating the drop-ceiling to give it a faux tin ceiling look
  • Replacing the light-fixture
  • Painting the walls a bright white (it’s hard to tell, but the current white has a lavender undertone)
  • Doing a dark blue accent wall with a custom built-in bookcases / Murphy bed combo so that the room can double as a guest bedroom
  • Ripping up the carpet
  • New window treatments
  • Restoring a vintage Steelcase desk

Here are some of my inspiration photos:

And here is a photo of the vintage Steelcase desk I’ll be restoring:

I absolutely cannot wait to get started! Thanks so much for following along! Quack on folks!



Welcome to my blog!

My name is Fatima. Fa for short. A little over a year ago, I was living in Chicago and decided I wanted to move home so I could spend more time with loved ones and realize my lifelong dream of restoring an old house.

In January of 2018, my dream started to come true when I purchased a home that’s over 100 years old. I’ve lovingly named her, Pocket Door House. I’ve been cleaning, tearing down, building up, designing, and decorating Pocket Door House ever since. As you can imagine tons of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into these walls, but I’ve mostly painted over that 🙂

I’ve been having a blast tackling projects and learning all kinds of cool things including:

  • How to refinish a clawfoot tub
  • The trick to removing decades of paint off the original door handles and hinges

And even,

  • The proper way to replace a toilet

I’m overflowing with excitement. So, as you can imagine, I’m always annoying my friends, family, and colleagues with before and after photos. To my surprise and delight, I’ve received overwhelming positive feedback. Lots of people have asked me for tips, tricks, and advice. Enter, Ugly Duck Design. This blog is a space where I’ll be sharing all of this great stuff and more.

For whatever brings you here – whether you’re seeking inspiration, a solution to a specific problem, or even if you just want to follow along, quack on!