My 2nd One Room Challenge!


I cannot believe it’s been so long that it’s already time for the next One Room Challenge (ORC)! This time around, I’m using the ORC to help me finish a room that has been taking me FOREVER – the downstairs kitchen. This is what the downstairs kitchen looked like when the tenants moved out at the end of last summer…

This kitchen has been in the works since January…JANUARY PEOPLE! That’s when I was inspired by Yellow Brick Home and Chris Loves Julia‘s Baltimore Kitchen Makeover and painted the kitchen cabinets! It has been a painfully slow process. A large part of this is because many of the projects I’ve tackled have been firsts for me. I had never used a hand saw before, let alone tried to make or install a countertop! I had never tiled anything before, let alone operated a wet saw! And I had never before restored and installed a kitchen sink!

On top of that, this is by no means my full-time gig. That is to say, I make progress on this kitchen between my full-time job, my furniture flipping business, between working on the rest of the downstairs unit and managing the upstairs unit, and then all the regular life stuff like family, friends, working out, and making time to enjoy the sweet, sweet summertime!

So let me take a second to catch you up on what’s been going on. Phase I of the kitchen makeover happened back between January and March…

Phase II happened between July & September…

Phase II included adding drawer pulls and bar knobs that I purchased during Wayfair’s Way Day deals in April for $34 and $20 per pack respectively, restoring and installing, an old cast iron coated washboard sink with a vintage style faucet, cutting a piece of 8′ project board to size for the countertops then staining it and finishing it with poly, AND installing subway tile (pictured below).

And so currently, my kitchen looks like this…

While I’ve certainly made A TON of progress and I am unbelievably happy with how everything is turning out, I have quite a ways to go – here’s a list so you can get a better idea of what’s to come:

  • Mount microwave over the stove
  • Remove ceiling tiles, paint grid white using a homemade white chalk paint
  • Take 4′ x 8′ pieces of white wallboard, cut to size to replace old ceiling tiles
  • Remove the fluorescent light
  • Install recessed lighting
  • Cut, stain (while somehow matching the stain on existing pieces!), and install pieces of pine to finish framing the window above the sink, and to frame the door that leads outside (currently has no framing as pictured above)
  • Rewire a vintage light and hang above kitchen sink
  • The countertops still need at least a couple more coats of poly finish
  • Once the countertops are done, caulk around the sink
  • Finish priming the door that leads outside and the door that leads into the basement, then pick a paint color for those doors and paint them that color
  • Pick a floor (THIS HAS BEEN THE HARDEST PART – the rest of the house has original hardwood floors but for some reason the kitchen doesn’t…so I don’t want to do any faux wood type stuff and am having SUCH A HARD TIME picking a floor)
  • Install said kitchen floor
  • Retouch a few places on the cabinets (I messed up a couple spots when installing the hardware)

Again, lots of these will be firsts for me so there is a steep learning curve for me on the majority of these projects. I’ve never worked with wallboard or cut holes in it for recessed lights or used the jigsaw tool I’ll need to do this! I’ve never tried to match stain / finish before for the framing. I’ve never framed a doorway before or tiled a floor or mounted a microwave to the wall. I know I’ll figure it out – but these are some of the reasons I want to use the structure of the ORC to help me reach the finish line!

Wish me luck! And good luck to everyone else participating!

Quack on folks!

One Room Challenge Reveal!

One Room Challenge Reveal!

I am very excitedly and gratefully writing this post from my finished office!!!! I worked my tail off every day this past week to finish. Including a Saturday full of challenges. It was the type of day where things that normally take 20 seconds (like screwing on a new light switch plate) took over an hour and a trip to the hardware store! Alas, I made it! So without further ado, here is my finished One Room Challenge project:

I am beyond thrilled with the final product!!!!

One of my favorite things to do is find things secondhand so you’ll notice as you go through that a lot of my furniture and styling objects are thrifted finds. Not only is this budget-friendly (included below is a complete item and cost breakdown of my expenses where I note what was purchased new, what I already had, and what was thrifted and where) but I also LOVE how it makes my rooms one of a kind! I scour the Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, thrift stores, antique malls, and estate sales for great finds. Sometimes things just need to be cleaned up a bit, other times they are in perfect condition, and many times they need A LOT of love…which I happily provide!

Keep your eye out for 3 little “sparks of joy” or personal touches throughout the room!

Let’s start with the light fixture I put together:

The vintage Steelcase tanker desk was a Facebook Marketplace find that I scored for just $50! I added my Duck Ugly logo to it by following this YouTube tutorial by the Crafsman. The 27″ Thunderbolt Mac monitor, keyboard, and mouse were also purchased on the Marketplace for just $350! Up until now I had been working solely from my 13″ MacBook. When you work remotely most of the time, you know that’s rough!

Pretty much everything from the desk to the desk chair to the monitor were thrifted! The laptop I already had. The only new things are the picture and the picture frame!
Photo by Christian DeKnock | 6×8 Matted Picture Frame

I’ve read that if you have a small space, you should go big or go home so I kept that in mind when picking a desk…and then, like magic, I found this map on TUESDAY and it is soooooo cool! It’s a map of the city of Grand Rapids where I live. The level of detail on this thing is incredible and it is definitely one of my favorite things in the room!

I also made a cork board wall using foam boards, a cork roll, adhesive, and nails for keeping inspiration, goals, and my lists. To the right is some wall art I found at Hobby Lobby. It’s a quote from Dr. Seuss that says “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” Below that is a little MCM bookcase I thrifted for just $7! Here’s a closer look at that:

Bicycle Bookends | Photo by Heather Shevlin | 6×8 Matted Picture Frame

Moving around the room to the next corner is a big palm tree I found at Walmart for just $16! The little table it’s sitting on I found at an Estate Sale for just $4 and painted the top using some of Amy Howard’s chalk paint.

Geometric Planter | Amy Howard Chalk Paint in A Good Man is Hard to Find

I wanted to have a place for someone to sit in the event that I take a meeting with someone and found this awesome vintage Steelcase chair from the 40’s on Craigslist for $40. All it took was a little Murphy’s Oil Soap, vinegar, and olive oil to have her looking brand new!

8×10 Matted Picture Frame | Photo by Mathew Schwartz |
6×8 Matted Picture Frame | Industrial Pipe Brackets

Here’s another view of that gorgeous pocket door entrance!

Did you figure out what the three sparks of joy are??? Here are the answers:

  1. In the picture with the palm tree there are two brass birds flying in the Polo Blue “sky”. I LOVE birds and I LOVE brass and I especially love how it looks like they’re flying in the sky!!!
  2. Probably close to impossible to spot, so bigs props to you if you saw it, is on the map. If you look closely you can see I traced my Duck Ugly duck onto tracing paper and put it the Grand Rapids map to symbolize Duck Ugly putting it’s mark on the city ❤
  3. Here’s one to get to know me 🙂 Throughout the room I placed something to symbolize all the places I’ve lived including: Michigan (Holland, Grand Rapids, and Ann Arbor), New York City, and Chicago!

That’s it – I made it! I’m so exhausted but had so much fun! I will absolutely see you all again in the fall for Duck Ugly’s second round of the One Room Challenge! Until then, keep following along on my blog to see my thrifted projects and renovation progress, and let me know what projects you’d like me to breakdown in future posts like the image transfer of my logo onto my desk, the cork board wall, and restoring the HVAC Vent! Speaking of which, here’s how that turned out…

It may not be perfect, but it looks a heck of a lot better than before! Plus the floors and desk aren’t perfect either. That’s all part of the modern industrial vibe I was going for anyways. As a recovering perfectionist, I’m very proud of myself for learning to love the imperfections in these things!

Okay, that’s really it! This happy duck is ready for bed!

Goodnight all,


Cost Breakdown

I’m all in on this project for 1,322.41 (including tax on the things that weren’t purchased off the Marketplace and stuff). I’m VERY happy with that considering the monitor, keyboard, and mouse alone were probably that much (or more!) new!!!

***Not included are things I already had like paint brushes, rollers, paint stripper, rags, cleaning supplies, my laptop, etc.

One Room Challenge Week IV

The dreamy dark sky.


I did it. I cleared out the room, patched the wall, and painted the ceiling Polo Blue by Benjamin Moore for the One Room Challenge and guys…it’s dark..really dark…almost black..and I LOVE it.

I used the Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint which went on great with virtually no splatter.

It’ll require two coats even though it goes on really thick since I’m essentially doing black on white but it works out well because I want to spray paint the grid (color TBD) before putting the final coat on the ceiling.

This is what it looks like with just the first coat:

I love how the dark blue makes the wood trim pop and almost makes it look like the ceiling limit is endless.

So for this week, my plan is to spray the grid, do the final coat of blue on the ceiling, and refresh the floors. For the latter, I found this great article on doing a “recoating” of old hardwoods that allows them to keep some of their character without doing a complete refinishing. It’s a lot to tackle in a week but we are in the home stretch.

As always, thanks for following along and keep it quackin’!


“The Poker Room”

My First One Room Challenge!

For those who aren’t familiar, The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual event where “20 chosen designers go head-to-head in transforming one room over the course of 6 weeks” while providing updates on progress on a weekly basis. There is also an option to participate as a guest, which is what I will be doing.

I choose to participate because it sounds like a blast! As a new blogger, I also think the rules of the challenge, which include posting every week for 6 weeks, will help me create a structure, accountability, and a habit of posting weekly!

The room I chose to transform is a room I have nicknamed “The Poker Room”. It’s not hard to figure out where the nickname comes from when you look at the before photos:

While that poker green carpet is plush and comfy, it definitely has to go!

While I also despise the drop ceiling, it does serve a functional purpose; the house is a duplex and the ceiling helps reduce the sound from the tenants upstairs. My plan is to work some magic on that duck ugly ceiling by transforming it with a SUPER budget-friendly faux tin ceiling. More on that in the weeks to come 😉

In case you didn’t catch it, that dark wood on the right side of the photo above is a POCKET DOOR. You guys…both the upstairs and downstairs units have one and they are BEAUTIFUL, well-made, masterpieces! They simply do not make homes with character like this anymore!

The Poker Room is a small room coming in right around 100 square feet. While the previous tenants used it as a bedroom, I’ll be transforming the space into Duck Ugly headquarters! I do the majority of my (non-Duck Ugly) full-time work remotely and am in desperate need of a home office for that and, of course, my Duck Ugly work!

My plan includes:

  • Updating the drop-ceiling to give it a faux tin ceiling look
  • Replacing the light-fixture
  • Painting the walls a bright white (it’s hard to tell, but the current white has a lavender undertone)
  • Doing a dark blue accent wall with a custom built-in bookcases / Murphy bed combo so that the room can double as a guest bedroom
  • Ripping up the carpet
  • New window treatments
  • Restoring a vintage Steelcase desk

Here are some of my inspiration photos:

And here is a photo of the vintage Steelcase desk I’ll be restoring:

I absolutely cannot wait to get started! Thanks so much for following along! Quack on folks!